Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine




Грамота Верховної Ради України
Грамота Верховної Ради України

About the department_radioecology

 Head of radiation and environmental control department
Sergiy Golyanda (044) 525 13 46

   Observations of radioactive contamination of the environment date back to the 1960s, when the first 16 atmospheric deposition sampling sites were opened in Ukraine. In 1964, there were already 36 of them, and to process the increased number of samples, a radiometric laboratory was established as part of the Kyiv Hydrometeorological Observatory, whose specialists performed primary processing of the sample material, determined the total beta activity of the samples, and conducted expeditionary surveys of the territory in cases of radiation incidents. Thus, in 1980, the laboratory staff, headed by V.O. Korniichuk at the time, participated in the study of the consequences of the accident at the Rivne NPP; in 1982, as part of the inspection group of the former USSR State Committee for Hydrometeorology, they inspected the territory around the Chornobyl NPP to identify areas of soil contamination resulting from the accidental release of radionuclides.IMG 3135 коп

   Until 1986, the operation of the network of stations for monitoring radioactive contamination of the environment was carried out in a planned manner. All plans for the development of the network were disrupted after the Chornobyl disaster in April 1986. Due to a significant increase in the volume of work on determining the content of radioactive substances in the environment, deciphering the radionuclide composition of contamination and for more detailed and operational control of the radiation situation, in July 1986, a radiation and environmental control department with the functions of a regional laboratory was organized on the basis of the radiometry laboratory.

   Employees of the department were actively involved in surveying the contaminated areas. In addition to the already mentioned Korniychuk V.O. (awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor), the current employees are V.A. Giriy, I.V. Skarzhynska; from those who worked before - T.K. Pryamitsyna (awarded a diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine), M.S. Durytskyi (medal "For Labor Merit"), V.Y. Berko (Order of the Badge of Honor), L.Y. Tabachnyi, H.V. Laptev, V.M. Khrapachevskyi, T.V. Suprunenko.

   One of the most important areas of work was aerial and ground radiation surveys, the first of which took place on the morning of April 26, 1986. In 1986-1987, a detailed survey of about 520 settlements was carried out, 3500 soil samples were collected, 2150 water samples were taken, and about 300 water sources were examined. The work under the Program for Clarification of the Radiation Situation on the Territory of Ukraine Affected by the Chornobyl Accident, along with routine observations, continued in the following years.IMG 3223

  Over the period of its existence, the department has systematized large amounts of information and assessed its reliability. Data banks on gamma radiation exposure dose rate and radioactive contamination of environmental components: soil, air, and surface water were created. Based on the data obtained, as well as the results of aerial gamma surveys and data from other organizations, in 1992, the Department's specialists compiled detailed maps of cesium-137 and strontium-90 contamination of the territory of Ukraine.

Today, the main activities of the department are:

 - collection, analysis, quality assessment, systematization and generalization of data on radioactive environmental contamination in Ukraine; development of databases on radionuclide contamination of soil, surface water and air;

- analytical work to determine the content of radionuclides in environmental samples taken at the observation network of the Hydrometeorological Service;

- providing state authorities, economic organizations and the public (through the mass media) with operational and routine information on the radiation state of the environment;

- methodological guidance of the Hydrometeorological Service network units on radioecological issues and control over the quality of their work.

The department includes the Air Radiation Monitoring Laboratory (ARML), the Radiochemistry and Sample Preparation Laboratory (RSPL), the Spectrometry Sector (SS) and the Information Preparation Sector (IPS).

The department and its structural units employ highly qualified specialists with many years of experience:

-Head of the LRKP Parneva S.L., a graduate of the Faculty of Physics of Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv, has been in the position since 2006
-Varyvoda V.V., Head of the LRH, has been working at the Observatory since 1996, in the position since 2005, graduated from the Odesa State Environmental University;
-Head of the Information Preparation Sector Lukyanova Zh.V., has been working in the Hydrometeorological Service since 1990, graduated from the Geographical Faculty of Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv;
and other experienced specialists, including radiologist D.T. Mayorenko, chemist L.I. Smirnova, leading physicist of the spectrometry sector L.M. Semka.

The department is headed by Sergiy Golyanda.

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